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Monday Morning Motivation: How To Deal With Job Search Depression

Depression is a mood disorder and when it occurs the individual tends to feel sad, hopeless, moody, withdrawn from family and friends, angry and even sometimes triggers thoughts of harming oneself. Depression can be caused by grief, stress, loss of loved one or job, going bankrupt, prolonged and unsuccessful job search among others.

Job search can be stressful especially when you have to move around from one company to another to submit your resume or surfing the internet for the latest job vacancies in a location where the internet connection is poor. Searching for a job without getting positive results can cause an individual to lose interest in life, have insomnia or eating disorder. When job hunting, you must not give up at your first attempt. You must keep hope alive and Try Again! Here are points to help you when you are feeling depressed as a result of unsuccessful job search.

Get a support system
You need to have a support system to hang on when you are feeling down. Your support system can be a friend who has gone through job searching stress in past and is currently employed.
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Someone who understands what you are going through. Look for forum or community that gives job hunters a platform to meet and interact. Make sure you speak out. Do not bottle up your feelings in order not to wallow in your depression.

Create a positive mental image for yourself
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You must have a mental picture of what you want in life. No matter the challenges you face, do not lose this image. The image should serve as a reminder that what you are going through (Job searching) is only for a while. Picture yourself working in an organization, attending corporate events. Any time you are feeling depressed for not scaling through a job test or interview, relish your mental picture and believe that the next job interview you will attend to yield positive result. If you can visualize it, then it will surely be actualized.

Socialize with Friends
Job hunting can make one forget about loved ones. All he/she is thinking is how to ace the next job interview and when the jobs are not forthcoming, depression sets in.
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 Depression can make an individual to feel useless and then tend to withdraw from people. If you are searching for a job, you must socialize with friends, you never know, your friends may have information that will be of great help to ending your job searching.

Eat Right
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When one is moody, he or she tends to eat too much or not eat at all. Eating right will help prevent excessive weight gain or loss. Moderation is key.

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No company will want to employ a liability especially when it comes to your health. So while waiting to get a job, exercise often so that your mood does not degenerate to a major depression. Besides, staying idle can bring about diabetes, hypertension, and so on.

In conclusion, know that your current status of joblessness will someday change, do not let depression rob you of the joy and future you desire.


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