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Monday Morning Motivation: Focus On That Which Edifies

Yesterday is gone
Today is a new day.

A new opportunity for progress is here

Take advantage of it

Monday Morning Motivation: You Have A Rod

Everybody has a "rod" in their hands. The "rod" represents your unique ability or skill set , your personality, your identity, which makes you stand out from others.

However, only those who "cast their rod on the ground" will see what it is capable of. Those who deploy their skills will see result.

Monday Morning Motivation: Go Again

This message is for you out there who think you have done everything in your power to get a job, but you are still unemployed. You may have been searching for ten years or five years or even for months and you are about giving up, I say to you GO AGAIN!!!

Monday Morning Motivation: Awaken Your Buried Skills

In the spirit of the Easter season it is important that you search inwards for skill(s) that you have buried for years may be as a result of fear or lack of confidence in your skill.

Monday Morning Motivation: How To Deal With Job Search Depression

Depression is a mood disorder and when it occurs the individual tends to feel sad, hopeless, moody, withdrawn from family and friends, angry and even sometimes triggers thoughts of harming oneself. Depression can be caused by grief, stress, loss of loved one or job, going bankrupt, prolonged and unsuccessful job search among others.

Monday Morning Motivation: Advertising Yourself on Social Media

The Internet has come to stay and so are the different social media tools. Social media has made connecting with the world easier and you can take advantage of these tools.

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