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Monday Morning Motivation: Awaken Your Buried Skills

He is not here, he is risen- Matthew 28:6

In the spirit of the Easter season it is important that you search inwards for skill(s) that you have buried for years may be as a result of fear or lack of confidence in your skill.

You are accountable for every skill that you possess. So if you decide to bury it, you may be losing opportunity to impact your generation, generations unborn or losing a chance to earn a living off your skills.

Imagine if Steve Jobs buried his coding skills, there would not have been Apple, Inc., without Dangote's entrepreneur skills, there will be no Dangote group of companies. Imagine if Tyler Perry was not confident of his storytelling ability we would not have had the privilege of enjoying his Madea movies. Imagine if Jesus Christ remained buried forever, the human race would have been lost forever.

It's high time you awaken your buried skills so you can contribute to making the world a better place.


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