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Content Writer at Heroshe

Heroshe is an online shipping platform that delivers your purchased items from any online store in the US to your doorstep in Nigeria. We deliver your purchased items within 8-14 days. Founded in 2012, our mission is to provide the present-day online shopper with a shipping solution that puts their mind at ease. Our efficient team and impeccable business model guarantees that you will have your items at your doorstep in Nigeria regardless of your location. 

Job Title: Content Writer

Location: Lagos

The Challenge

We‘ve spent the last two years focused on building a solid technology platform to enable cross-border commerce. We‘ve put in place a world-class operations and logistics team to deliver value to customers on this platform. We‘ve built a reputation as the standard of excellence in cross-border logistics. Now, we are looking to build a growth team to scale out customer acquisition to leverage this platform. The current situation presents a great opportunity for someone who is passionate about telling stories and developing witty but helpful content for the web. This person will have an almost limitless opportunity to determine the content direction.  
This is your opportunity to make your mark and write your story. Are you up for the challenge? If you are, then keep reading.

The Opportunity

In this role, you’ll have the opportunity to:
Create and develop Heroshe’s content engagement strategy
Experiment with various content engagement ideas
Develop content marketing campaigns capable of impacting sales and brand loyalty
Create text and mobile visual content for various digital platforms
Conduct content research and develop content for Heroshe’s blog
Develop content for customer education on various platforms
Execute community engagement ideas that drive customer acquisition
Impact growth, education, and activation
Work within a team of talented growth professionals supporting your success

We’re looking for someone:

Who has exceptional verbal and written communication skills
Who is an exciting storyteller and is able to write engaging content
Who can describe a product or feelings succinctly
Who has the ability to provide genuine help with his/her copy

Our perfect content writer will have:

1-3 years of content/copywriting experience
Core SEO writing and keyword research skills.
Experience writing engaging content for the web.
Skills in using SEO tools to find queries related to Heroshe’s product
Experience writing keyword-rich content to drive heroshe page ranking up
Experience working with CMS platforms like WordPress or others 

The Team

The growth team will be made up of other growth professionals in Product, Marketing, Engineering, and Data Science working towards a common goal of growing the reach of Heroshe services. You’ll have the opportunity to experiment with crazy content ideas. You’ll have the ability to leverage the vast knowledge and resources of the growth team to achieve your content growth goals.

You’ll have the opportunity to develop copy that affect marketing and product growth. The growth team will work as a unit exploring various opportunities on how to get Heroshe product and services in the hands of customers.

We’re a highly motivated and fun loving team who are relentless in the pursuit of providing a delightful customer experience to every customer. We thrive on collaboration but are also able to work as individual contributors. Please note, this role is an on-site role. This role will report to the Heroshe office located in Lagos Nigeria.

The Perks

150k - 250k per month depending on experience
Quarterly performance bonus
2 weeks annual leave
Health Insurance (HMO)
Heroshe shipping discount

How to Apply

Interested applicants should apply here.

Good Luck!!!


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